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Spot Delivery®

A Monthly Legal Update for Auto Dealers and Finance Companies

Tennessee Automotive Association

Welcome Tennessee Automotive Association Members!

The mission of the Tennessee Automotive Association Service Company is to search out, identify and recommend firms whose value-added products and services benefit TAA members. On behalf of the TAASC Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with to offer an annual subscription to Spot Delivery for the TAA member price of $198 per year, a $151 discount off their $349 regular rate.

Spot Delivery is a concise, easy-to-read, monthly legal update that you can depend on to provide timely answers to legal questions you face every day. This newsletter addresses complex legal issues from an industry perspective; it also keeps you informed on new legal developments affecting your business. View Sample Issue

Topics featured in Spot Delivery include:

  • Truth in Lending / Financing Issues
  • Odometer Law
  • Repossession / Bankruptcy Issues
  • Customer and Manufacturer Relations
  • Fraud / Misrepresentation
  • Casualty Liability
  • Anti – terrorism laws
  • Arbitration
  • Consumer Credit Reports
  • State Lemon Laws
  • Privacy
  • Fair Lending and Discrimination
  • Warranty Issues
  • Leasing Issues

Spot Delivery provides authoritative, reliable information in easy-to-read, plain English. The newsletter provides familiar factual scenarios, identifies the legal issues involved and presents real court resolutions and suggestions on how you might avoid similar legal pitfalls. This practical, useful publication will provide you and your management team with valuable knowledge designed to increase awareness of legal consequences attendant to everyday business decisions.

Key features include:

  • Hardcopy and online access for $349 $198/year.
  • Concise, easy-to-read format.
  • All back issues are available online and searchable.
  • 11 issues per year.
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