The StateLaw Databases were created and are maintained by the attorneys of Hudson Cook, LLP. Our goal is to provide subscribers with a simple resource to identify and locate the state laws that affect typical consumer credit transactions. The databases contain general descriptions of some of the state laws that we have identified to be relevant to companies engaged in consumer credit transactions.

Unlike other database products, when an issue is not addressed by state law, StateLaw Databases provide a "reasoned" answer. You can produce 51-jurisdiction reports on things like finance charge rates, late charges, grace periods, GAP, other fees and charges, licensing - more than 100 topics per product - in a couple of minutes. The reports can be tailored in "short answer" format, or you can drill deeper and get backup citations and analyses. There are no "per user" charges. When your organization subscribes, anyone in your organization with a need to use the service can use it.

All StateLaw Databases now contain links to nearly all state laws and regulations cited using LexisNexis®. The LexisNexis cites are provided at no additional cost for our users and are available whether or not a user is a LexisNexis subscriber.

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