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Last Week, This Morning

Key developments from the past week in consumer and commercial finance and privacy law.

CFPB Proposes Rule Limiting Use and Reporting of Medical Debt by Creditors and Credit Reporting Agencies

Colorado Amends Lemon Law

Connecticut Releases Sales-Based Financing Disclosure Form

Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, and Nebraska Pass Comprehensive Privacy Laws

Washington DFI Grants Grace Period for Licensure to Certain Persons Subject to Predatory Loan Prevention Act

CFPB Requires Registration of Final, Public Orders Issued Against Certain Nonbank Entities

CFPB Issues Consumer Financial Protection Circular on Unlawful and Unenforceable Contract Terms and Conditions

CFPB Establishes Process for Recognizing Organizations That May Issue Standards to Facilitate Implementation of Upcoming Personal Financial Data Rights Rule

New Jersey Amends Dealer Rules

Connecticut Protects Victims of Domestic Violence from Coerced Debt

U.S. Supreme Court Remands Case to Second Circuit, Finding It Did Not Conduct Sufficient Preemption Analysis Concerning New York’s Interest-on-Escrow Law

FHA Publishes FAQ Regarding Reimbursement of Attorney’s Fees for Foreclosures Filed in Court Due to Presence of Subordinate FHA Lien in States Where Non-Judicial Foreclosure Is Preferred Method

CFPB Seeks Information on Mortgage Closing Costs

Oregon Requires Registration of Data Brokers

Florida Requires Financial Institutions to Protect Older or Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation

Hudson Cook Insights

Today's Trends in Credit Regulation

Company Violates Mortgage Law by Holding Servicing Rights without License

By Clayton C. Swears

It is usually no surprise to companies operating in the financial services space that they may need a state license to make or service consumer loans. That is particularly true when the loans are highly regulated residential mortgage loans. article continued

AAA Makes Changes in Attempt to Reign in Mass Arbitration

By Eric L. Johnson

Ever heard of "mass arbitration"? If you haven't heard of that term, you may be lucky. By rule of thumb, a "mass" of something isn't necessarily a good thing (unless it's a mass of tacos on my plate). If you have heard of mass arbitration or been subjected to a mass arbitration, help may be on the way from the American Arbitration Association. article continued

CFPB Bites of the Month - May 2024 - CFPB: Light My Way, Virginia May

By Justin B. Hosie, Eric L. Johnson and Kristen Yarows

In this month's article, we share some of our top "bites" covered during the May 2024 webinar. article continued

To Litigate or to Arbitrate: That Is the Question!

By Gabriela I. Chambi and Julia K. Whitelock

You've been sued by a consumer. Now what?

First things first: What are your business's priorities regarding how and where the dispute is resolved? Should the dispute be resolved by a court, or could it be resolved through arbitration? article continued

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