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StateLaw Databases

In-depth analysis of the laws that affect consumer credit transactions and privacy

The StateLaw Databases were created and are maintained by the attorneys of Hudson Cook, LLP. Our goal is to provide subscribers with a simple resource to identify and locate the state laws that affect typical consumer credit transactions and privacy. The databases contain general descriptions of some of the state laws that we have identified to be relevant to companies in the consumer financial services and privacy industries. Each StateLaw Database provides its subscribers with:

  • Question and answer format.
  • Between 160 and 200 questions organized by categories.
  • Answers and analysis provided by Hudson Cook, LLP.
  • One-click searching with "saved searches."
  • Email alerts when updates occur.

Unlike other database products, when an issue is not addressed by state law, the StateLaw Databases provide a "reasoned" answer. You can produce 51-jurisdiction reports on topics like finance charge rates, late charges, grace periods, GAP, other fees and charges, licensing - more than 100 topics per product - in a couple of minutes. The reports can be tailored in "short answer" format, or you can drill deeper and get backup citations and analyses. There are no "per user" charges. When your organization subscribes, anyone in your organization can use it.

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Auto Dealer covers laws that apply to dealerships that engage in motor vehicle retail installment sales financing transactions with consumers and then assign the resulting retail installment contracts to related or third party sales finance companies. Learn more.

Auto Indirect covers laws that apply to consumer-purpose closed-end motor vehicle retail installment sale financing. Learn more.

Auto Lease covers laws that apply to indirect consumer-purpose auto leasing. Learn more.

Mortgage Banks covers consumer-purpose residential mortgage lending laws that apply to a state-chartered or licensed depository institution (i.e. state bank, state savings bank or state savings and loan association). It does not cover laws that apply to a credit union. Learn more.

Mortgage Licensed Lender covers laws that apply to consumer-purpose residential mortgage loans made by licensed mortgage lenders in each state. Learn more.

Mortgage Servicing covers consumer-purpose residential mortgage loan servicing issues from transfer of servicing up to the initiation of foreclosure applicable to banks, savings and loan associations, and licensed lenders and servicers. Learn more.

Boat, RV, and Powersports covers laws that apply to consumer-purpose retail installment sales of: (1) ATVs and ATV Trailers, (2) Boats and Boat Trailers, (3) Camping Trailers, (4) Motorcycles, (5) Motor Homes, (6) Personal Watercraft and Trailers, and (7) Snowmobiles and Trailers. Learn more.

Goods and Services Indirect covers laws that apply to consumer-purpose closed-end non-motor vehicle goods-secured retail installment sale financing and financing of services. Learn more.

Installment Banks covers consumer-purpose direct lending laws from the perspective of a depository institution (i.e. state bank, state savings bank or state savings and loan association) chartered in each state. Learn more.

Installment Licensed Lender covers laws that apply to the following types of consumer-purpose loans, in any amount: unsecured; secured by motor vehicles, goods, or other collateral; open end lines of credit; and closed end loans. Learn more.

Privacy covers a wide range of issues relating to data privacy, data security, and marketing. Divided into 14 subject matters, in a question/answer format, Privacy provides a general overview of the regulatory approach of each state as well as the federal government, explains applicable standards in detail, describes available exceptions and safe harbors, and outlines possible penalties in the event of violations. Learn more.