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Consumer credit compliance titles written by the attorneys of Hudson Cook, LLP

CARLAW® F&I Legal Desk Book 9th Edition
by Thomas B. Hudson, Michael A. Benoit, Eric L. Johnson and the Attorneys of Hudson Cook, LLP

Car dealers, boat dealers, RV dealers - all businesses that sell personal property on credit - are subject to a bewildering thicket of federal and state laws and regulations. Responsibility for compliance usually falls on the general manager of the dealership or the manager of the "finance and insurance", or "F&I" department. Sometimes the person responsible for sales and credit compliance has received some training dealing with these legal issues. But sometimes, the person shoved into the deep end of the pool as the compliance officer doesn't have a clue what he or she is responsible for, and doesn't know where to start.

CARLAW F&I Legal Desk Book: 373 Things to Know About Auto Dealer Finance provides a compliance roadmap for "green pea" and seasoned compliance officers alike. Each chapter addresses a topic of crucial interest to dealerships. The topics cover the compliance waterfront, and include:

  • The Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z
  • The Consumer Leasing Act and Regulation M
  • The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • The Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule
  • Federal Advertising Rules
  • The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • Arbitration
  • ADA
  • and more ...

Each chapter is authored by lawyers who deal with that chapter's subject every day and in detail. The authors present their information in an easy-to-follow, Q&A format, with as little "legalese" and as much useful and practical information as possible. The goal each time is to give the reader a solid, basic working knowledge of the topic covered.

For years, dealers have needed a source for comprehensive, no-nonsense information on the legal requirements they face. Now they have one that quickly will become their principal resource for credit compliance information: CARLAW F&I Legal Desk Book: 373 Things to Know About Auto Dealer Finance.

CARLAW F and I Legal Desk Book
ISBN: 978-0-9979244-3-5
December 2021 • Hardcover
406 Pages
"Indispensable is the word which describes this book if you are employed in any area of the car business which relates to finance and insurance. Every profession relies upon reference books which they keep on their desks, or even on their nightstands, for that matter. Doctors have the Physicians' Desk Reference, lawyers have Black's Dictionary, and engineers use the Fundamentals of Engineering. For practitioners involved in finance and insurance, the F&I Legal Desk Book is just such a book and is a must for a true F&I professional. I personally keep it close at hand."
Terrence J. O'Loughlin, J.D., M.B.A.
Director of Compliance, Reynolds Document Solutions, The Reynolds and Reynolds Company