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Auto Indirect

Auto Indirect covers laws that apply to consumer-purpose closed-end motor vehicle retail installment sale financing.

The product addresses issues in a question/answer format, and includes questions on licensing, fee and payment limitations, disclosures, titling and security interests, recordkeeping, and collections. The responses are based on state statutes, regulations, and materials published by the regulating entity. The responses generally do not cover local or municipal ordinances. Auto Indirect does not address issues related to direct loans, transactions secured by real property and/or dwellings, home solicitation sales, title loans, pawn transactions, rental or rent-to-own transactions, or other transactions that do not involve motor vehicle secured retail installment sale financing.

In Auto Indirect, the term “creditor” applies to the dealer and to any subsequent assignee of a retail installment sale contract. When the law treats the dealer and assignee differently, we refer to the parties as "dealer" and "holder." The Collection responses assume the creditor is collecting the debt in its own name and that it originated or acquired the debt before default. The Collection responses do not address third-party collection or debt buyers.

Questions in the following categories are addressed:

  • Governing Law/Licensing
  • Record Retention
  • Finance Charge Rate
  • Origination Fees
  • Servicing Fees
  • Default Charges
  • Payment/Term Limitations
  • Modifications
  • Prepayment
  • Optional Vehicle Protection Products
  • Optional Ancillary Products
  • Insurance Products and Debt Cancellation/GAP
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Titling and Security Interests
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Collection
  • Penalties

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