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June 2020

FTC Brings First Enforcement Action Alleging Failure to Provide Documentation of Identity Theft to Victims

By Rebecca E. Kuehn and Cierra Newman

On June 10, 2020, Kohl's Department Stores settled claims brought by the Federal Trade Commission alleging that the retailer violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by refusing to provide victims of identity theft with complete records of questionable transactions. article continued

Don't Be That Company: Advertising During a Crisis

By Andrea S. Cottrell

There are two types of advertisers during a crisis. The first type knocks it out of the park by reaching consumers with empathy and graciousness through ads that generate feelings of hope, togetherness, and kindness. A perfect example is the Nike ad promoting social distancing and encouraging people to "play for the world." The second type makes light or, even worse, takes advantage of the situation. The worst of this type prey on fear and uncertainty. Others are simply tone-deaf. article continued

Credit Reporting in a COVID World

By Jennifer L. Sarvadi

Creditors that furnish information on consumer accounts to consumer reporting agencies must do so with accuracy and integrity consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its implementing regulations. "Accuracy" means that the information provided to a consumer reporting agency correctly: (1) reflects the terms of and liability for the account; (2) reflects the consumer's performance with respect to the account; and (3) identifies the appropriate consumer. article continued

'Everything but the Kitchen Sink' Complaints

By Thomas B. Hudson

Some plaintiffs' lawyers operate on the theory that if you fling enough bovine byproduct against the barn wall, some of it will stick. They include in their complaints every possible claim, regardless of how tenuously those claims are supported by the facts, hoping that at least one claim will survive defense motions. Sometimes that tactic works. Here's an example from a recent case where it didn't. article continued

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