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InstallmentLaw is a monthly, multi-faceted legal reporting service for legal compliance professionals and law firms in the consumer and commercial unsecured and personal property-secured lending industry interested in installment lending, student lending, payday lending, title lending, pawn transactions, rent-to-own transactions, prepaid cards, money transmission, check cashing, and open-end lines of credit, including credit cards. InstallmentLaw is compiled from numerous sources to provide a monthly report of legal developments in the industry.

Important developments in the industry are added to the publication as they arise. If a development is significant, we will deliver an email "alert" detailing the new development. Once a month, we publish a full report highlighting the prior month's legal developments. The full "Highlights" report contains the complete text of key reported cases and summaries of those cases, state and federal legislation, state and federal regulations, state attorney general opinions and news releases, and news releases and updates issued by state regulators, as well as various other items of interest to subscribers.

InstallmentLaw relies on numerous computerized searches to track legislation, regulatory developments, and reported cases. Our editors review the search results to identify developments likely to interest subscribers. The final result is InstallmentLaw.

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